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Got a gift box for a girlfriend, who has been feling down recently, was really cute, she even teared up. She is saying those affirmation cards are amazing! Thanks!

Lara K.

Sent the get well package to my mom, she was super happy, said the packaging looked amazing and she even kept the box to keep something in it. Good job, guys!

Jacob B.

I just got a Me time box for myself (why not!) and it felt amazing to get it - feels like it was all packed with love. I think these products are so carefully selected and wouldn't even know where to purchase these otherwise. Appreciate you attention to details!

Ann F.

Sent Congrats mama box to my former colleague, who moved to a different province now. She was super thankful so looked like she loved it! She appreciated that these products are from small vendors so it's not a mainstream. Think it makes it more unique and authentic.

Jessica B.

Got one of the boxes for my colleague as a "thank you", she was wowed tbh, cause the packaging looks amazing and then all the products are just so unique, she is really into wellness too, so she found this very thoughful from me.

Mary K.

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meaningful authentic gift box

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meaningful authentic gift box

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