What happened with hobbies?

What happened with hobbies?

As I recently took some time off to spend with my family I got to thinking about hobbies (even though I was travelling with my 2,5 year old son, which didn’t leave me with much time to think 😂). Is it just me or is this word not that commonly used anymore? Did it get supplemented by something else or simply become an outdated concept?

These days I am mostly being asked (as well as asking others) about interests, or even passion, which seems to be extremely important to have, but not a hobby. To me a hobby is something that is intended to rejuvenate, refocus and allow for some, so much needed in this fast-paced world and current environment, “down” time, when “passion” puts this extra pressure on us and adds to to-do list in a way.

I understand in certain instances hobbies, interests, passion are all connected and together bring a sense of satisfaction but still believe there should be something in life that is just there for the pure joy of the process with no goal or destination, and this is what hobby is for.  

Well, now I am going to be asking more often - What’s your hobby? And more importantly, what’s mine?!

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